Connect Freshsales to the apps you love with APIANT, a powerful, affordable and easy to use integration platform.

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Connect Freshsales to the apps you love with APIANT, a powerful, affordable and easy to use integration platform.

					        	With APIANT Templates you can now connect Freshsales to other apps in seconds and automate your workflow. For example, you can connect DonorPerfect and Freshsales via APIANT - potential donors can automatically be created as leads in Freshsales and converted to contacts when they make a donation. Like a lego set, any integration combination is possible with APIANT and you can request templates to be built for you. Creating custom integrations to match specific business needs and on-prem dedicated integration platforms is also possible.
							1. Search and install a template:

- Goto https://apiant.com/templates.html?app=freshsales
- browse the templates or add another app in the search field next to 'freshsales' (i.e. 'freshsales Constant Contact')
- Click the template you are interested in (if you don't find what you need, click the card "Can't find the template you need? Click to request one!" and ask the operator for what you are looking for)
- Click 'Install this Template' on the Template modal
- Follow the instructions to create a trial APIANT account if you don't have one, and click 'Install' to install the template you chose

2. Turn on your automation at the top right corner of your automation card

3. Connect your apps to your APIANT account by providing credentials:

Connecting your Freshsales account:

On Freshsales:
- Log in to Freshsales
- Click on your Profile Picture on the top right and select "Settings"
- Click the API Settings tab
- Click "Copy" to copy your API key to your clipboard

- Paste your API Key in the "API Key" text box
- Enter your subdomain in the "Domain" text box

- If your other apps have not yet been connected to your account, a popup window will prompt you to connect them (Instructions pertinent to each app will be provided)

4. Customize settings or field mappings if needed:
In some cases, you may want to customize the field mappings between the connected apps.

- Click the cogwheel on the automation card and choose 'Edit'
- Click the trigger (on the left under 'When') or action (on the right under 'Then') you'd like to edit and choose 'Edit this item's settings'
If settings are available to change (i.e. Folder, List, etc.) you can change them on top of the window

If you'd like to change the field mappings for an action:
- Scroll down each field and change as needed. Click the '+' icon to the right of each field to choose a different data point from the Trigger or previous actions to map
- Click Save to save changes to your Trigger or Action
- Click Save (top of the screen) to save changes to your Automation 
- An alert on top of the screen will let you know that your Automation was saved

Your automation is now live!

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