Freshcaller - Cloud Telephony for CRM

Set up a business call center in Freshsales with the Freshcaller- Freshsales integration.

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Freshcaller - Cloud Telephony for CRM

Set up a business call center in Freshsales with the Freshcaller- Freshsales integration.

					        	The Freshsales-Freshcaller integration helps businesses use phone calls to connect easily with prospects while they're still hot, follow-up and convert them into contacts and win all-important deals that come their way.

Freshcaller is a cloud-based call center software. You can set-up your business call center in 2 minutes. You can focus solely on scaling your business without having to worry about the complexities of managing a call center. The Freshcaller-Freshdesk integration aims to bring about the robust call center features of Freshcaller into your Freshdesk-support ecosystem.

With Freshcaller for Freshsales you can: 

* Purchase local and toll-free phone numbers in 90+ countries
* Create custom greeting texts based on specific call scenarios
* Handle all incoming calls using Freshcaller's multi-level IVR system
* Use Smart Escalation to handle calls that are not answered
* Real-time monitoring of phone conversations for supervisors
* Answer calls within your Freshsales account or forward them to your mobile phone

4 reasons why the Freshcaller-Freshsales integration helps your businesses grow seamlessly -
>  Get in touch immediately with qualified prospects, while they are still hot leads.
>  Lead every call to see the light with strong features like call masking, automatic call logs and call notes.
>  Win over your leads with contextual follow-up with recent calls and activities.
> All conversations with your prospect are readily available inside Freshsales 

With the Freshcaller-Freshsales integration you can do all this and so much more with ease.
							If you have an existing Freshsales account, 

You can integrate with Freshcaller by logging in as an Admin into Freshsales > Admin Settings > Phone Settings and initiating the integration.

1. Login to your Freshsales account as an Admin.

2. Under Admin settings, click Freshcaller. This opens the dedicated Freshcaller integrations page.

3. Click on "Link your existing account" to integrate Freshcaller. This opens a window where you can add your Freshcaller account credentials-

- Freshcaller domain name
  (Note: if your Freshcaller account is, then domain name is just “acme”)  
- Email address (needs to be the same one used for Freshsales)
- Password

4. Click Connect. This will initiate integration between your Freshsales and Freshcaller account.

If you aren’t an existing Freshsales customer, but need a CRM and a phone channel for your sales team, sign up for a Freshsales account.

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