ReMAP™ – Sales Configurator

This App allows Home Improvement businesses to provide an instant, complex custom quote and complete the sale for a Freshsales lead during on-site consultation.

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ReMAP™ – Sales Configurator

This App allows Home Improvement businesses to provide an instant, complex custom quote and complete the sale for a Freshsales lead during on-site consultation.

					        	The integrated Freshsales to ReMAP Sales Configurator solution facilitates the following workflow for a Home Improvement business 
•	A marketing or call center agent to receive leads into Freshsales (or alternatively uploaded into Freshsales through an external lead source)
•	A field sales rep to configure a project quote and complete a sale with a customer 
•	An executive to inquire the disposition of the lead and the amount of the sale from Freshsales 
More specifically, 
A. Freshsales receives leads through online data entry by a call center / marketing agent or the lead information comes in through an external lead source that a customer may be using (such as ReMAP LMS, Google, Yahoo etc.). Freshsales is the system of record for the leads for such companies. 
B.  The ReMAP Sales Configurator app receives the leads and provides field sales reps the ability to generate an instant complex remodel project quote and complete a sale during the home consultation process.
•	Help the field sales rep seamlessly select the product components they want to include in the home improvement project through a step by step process
•	Create a complex Quote for the entire remodel project being sold by the sales team 
•	Able to capture static as well as dynamic measurement-based pricing, within the quote.
•	Include a digital drawing with additional instructions
•	Include labor rate and other business parameters while calculating the quote
•	Include attachments of information such as measurements for the remodel project
•	Configure and set up desired company margins for a project quote by product, regions, discounts and other business parameters.
•	Store quote information of the lead within Freshsales for future reporting and re-marketing.
C. Freshsales receives the disposition on the lead (as a sale or a no-sale demo etc.) along with other essential information about the sales appointment (such as the dollar value of the sale) for executives or business owners to review 

Overall business benefits for using the ReMAP Sales Configurator app are:
•       Enhanced customer experience
•       Better sales conversion
•       Faster Sales to Project completion timeline

ReMAP has a suite of modules for the Home Improvement industry to streamline their business operations and improve their sales conversion rate. Visit for more information.
								Follow the instructions below to get signed up, get credentials and get onboarded to ReMAP OR visit to get in touch with the ReMAP team to get signed up and onboarded.
	Visit to sign up for the app 
	Receive your credentials and admin user (Company Admin) login in through with the credentials provided and will see an Onboard Application ( button to onboard your data with step by step instructions provided into ReMAP. 
	Keep ready key information required for onboarding as specified in the onboarding page link, namely 
o	Product information including the hierarchy classification, attribution, image links, pricing etc. in the format required by ReMAP templates
o	User information  (for each field sales rep) – Name, Email, Territory covered 
o	The domain name and API key for your Freshsales account to be incorporated into ReMAP 
	Each Requested Sales Rep user will be receive individual credentials for the users signed up 
	Have each user (field sales rep) login in through with the credentials provided and navigate the self-explanatory pages to retrieve a lead from Freshsales for his/her territory that is assigned to him/her.
	Work through the ReMAP Sales Configurator to prepare a test sales quote, get the lead sold and send information back to Freshsales

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