The SmileBack-Freshdesk integration helps agents gather feedback for every support interaction.

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The SmileBack-Freshdesk integration helps agents gather feedback for every support interaction.

					        	SmileBack helps its users easily gather feedback after every single support interaction through their help desks. We make it just as easy for them to track trends, respond to customers based on all kinds of triggers, and create deep, meaningful reports.

Once a customer has finished engaging with your agent,  customers can easily give feedback with a very clear one-click on a smiley face, which then prompts the user for a short comment.   

On average, our customers get a 39.6% response rate. This means they have way more communication with their customers and know when they’re kicking butt and when they’re at risk of losing customers. 

With the Smileback and Freshdesk integration, support staff know where they stand and tend to get way more motivated than before thanks to a steady stream of positive feedback. In addition to this, this integration makes it easy for helpdesks to capture genuine and actionable insights that help improve customer retention and increase their customer satisfaction.

We compete based on ridiculously simple product design and a stable platform that just doesn’t break. We do one thing and make sure we do it very well, constantly building on the feedback of our 650 customers. 

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							1. On the SmileBack welcome page choose Freshdesk as your ticketing system.
2. Enter the subdomain for your Freshdesk and Freshsales account.
3. Open the your Freshdesk account in a new tab.
4. In your Freshdesk account click the profile button in the top right of the screen, then choose "Profile settings". Copy your API key.
5. Go back to the SmileBack tab and paste the key into the API Key field.

You’re good to go!

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